Speyside 360° is a global public policy monitoring and analysis service

providing visibility and granular insights on policy and political developments in key markets,

as well as strategic counsel on how to potentially mitigate issues and exploit commercial opportunities.

Our approach to intelligence gathering is based on:

Highly-connected local consultants with deep contacts and knowledge

International project managers who are able to ensure targeted research and deliver contextualized insights


Our in-country consultants go beyond formal information sources and conversations with a narrow group of regulators and legislators, to build up a broad and balanced picture of the public policy environment.

In addition to single county reporting for local leadership teams, we deliver integrated, succinct regional reports that prioritize issues and opportunity across the region as a whole, allowing regional or global clients to get a holistic view and prioritize action accordingly.

 Unique approach
Speyside 360° is centrally managed by a single project manager so the client has a single point of contact to deliver integrated reports and to serve as a liaison with any market, 24/7
We provide real-time alert system is offered which ensures that critical developments or new issues that arise are flagged immediately, along with an analysis on likely next steps and ability to impact/influence outcomes
Our in-country consultants are hand-picked and are exceedingly well-connected, allowing them to become aware of and alert on key issues and developments at the onset; often before the information has entered the public realm
Standard reporting (daily, weekly, monthly) is complemented by briefing calls between our senior local consultants and clients; highlighting critical issues, exploring commercial and competitive implications and discussing the best course of action
Because our in-country consultants are all based in-market, when actions are implemented in response to a critical issue, they are well-placed to support on the ground, in collaboration with the company's local teams as/when needed
 Service packages

Tier 1 - Market Watch

Tracking relevant public information sources incl. official journals of the legislature and executive, media and commentators

Tier 2 - Political Monitoring and Alerts

Over and above Tier 1 services, we provide:
Analysis of issues in terms of:
  • current situation
  • expected developments
  • potential business impact
  • ability to influence the situation
  • headline strategic recommendations

Tier 3 - Full Intelligence Reporting

In addition to Tier 1 and Tier 2 services, we provide: Proactive outreach to stakeholders incl. government officials, advisors, industry bodies, academics, policy institutes, journalists and business leaders to gather detailed insights and ensure early-warning on emerging issues
 Selected clients
 Success Stories
Success story: Removing tariff barriers
Our reporting identified exactly how, where and when a food sector client could successfully advocate to remove tariffs on a critical part of its supply chain. By doing so, the client saved over US$300m over a 5 year period.
Success story: Securing investment incentives
Our reporting identified new opportunities to secure government incentives around foreign direct investment, working at both a state and federal government level. By pursuing our recommendation the client offset 7% of its total investment costs.


For further information and a discussion on how we can best meet your needs, please contact:

David Solsbery
SVP & Global Speyside 360 Lead
Speyside Corporate Relations
Mobile: +1 (720) 3755172