About Speyside

Speyside is a global emerging market public policy and corporate reputation specialist with a 25 year track record helping leading global companies and organizations with market entry and growth. We advise on emerging market issues at a global c-suite level and work through teams on-the-ground to provide deep local market intelligence and implementation support.

Our unique delivery model is based on a blend of:

Senior international consultants based in key global emerging market centers, offering unrivalled IP & experience built over the last 25 years

The very best local consultants on-the-ground in offices across Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, Africa, and Asia, bringing deep local knowledge & contacts


We provide information, advice and hands-on support to leading companies and organizations operating in global emerging markets. Specifically, we operate three interlinking practice groups:

Public Policy
Our experienced public policy and government relations teams provide early-warning and intelligence on relevant political, policy, legislative and regulatory developments. We help build relationships with key stakeholders to support legislative and regulatory goals and market access for products and services.
Corporate Communications Counsel
Our communications teams build and protect corporate and brand reputation that includes corporate responsibility, issues management and crisis support. Our teams have extensive experience at developing and deploying strategic positioning campaigns both internationally and via local, in-market execution.
Investment Support
We provide non-financial due diligence & risk analysis around large-scale foreign investment as well as transactional support incl. privatization, public-private partnerships, M&A and capital markets events.


Speyside has a 25 year track record helping leading global companies and organizations operating in heavily regulated sectors.

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For support in Latin America, please contact Amy Glover: amy.glover@speyside-group.com

For support in EMEA, please contact Fiona McCollum at fiona.mccollum@speyside-group.com

For support in India, please contact Yashika Singh at yashika.singh@speyside-group.com

For support in Australia, please contact Greg Holland at gregory.holland@speyside-group.com

For support in Southeast Asia, please contact Sarah Cavanaugh at sarah.cavanaugh@speyside-group.com

For all other corporate matters, please contact Speyside Group CEO Ian Herbison at ian.herbison@speyside-group.com