Speyside Health is a boutique offering that has evolved from over 20 years' experience working on-the-ground in global emerging markets with a broad range of healthcare actors, including:
  • pharmaceutical, biotech and medical technology companies
  • international organizations
  • NGOs and patient advocates
  • government and regulators
  1. Market access support –mobilizing the medical community, patient groups, media/public opinion and political support to secure fast, positive access decisions
  2. Public policy and public health programs
  3. Corporate reputation management
Market Access

We define market access broadly, encompassing all steps necessary to make new treatments and technologies available to patients in the emerging market world.
This often involves looking at a therapeutic area in terms of policy, treatment guidelines, funding and infrastructure as well as securing regulatory approvals and reimbursement for products in private and public healthcare systems.
At the heart of our approach is an understanding of the 'politics of market access' i.e. that while decisions should be taken based on a combination of science and economics, the acute pressures on healthcare systems mean that political choices almost always come into play. Those choices are determined by a complex range of factors that we help our clients understand and influence, while always complying with the very highest ethical & professional standards.

go beyond understanding the formal pathways to access, to understand the underlying, unwritten rules and politics of access
based on this - develop compelling, locally relevant value stories and all necessary local evidence esp. around health economic benefits
advise on innovative commercial models that will work locally and support accelerated access, incl. PPP/tech transfers, discounting, cost sharing, risk sharing & value added services
build 'disruptive' outreach and engagement strategies, aimed at generating political and public support, incl. PAGs, KOLs, media and social/digital campaigning
develop integrated action plans, ensuring a fully joined-up approach between commercial, medical, regulatory, policy and communications teams

We do this in three ways:
targeted work around specific products, indications or technologies
working across a wider portfolio/franchise to develop an integrated approach to market access
providing corporate-level support to audit market access strategies and build internal capacity incl. toolkits & training
Highlights of recent work:
expansion of prostate cancer treatment
Incorporation of new liver transplant technology
expanded neonatal screening for rare diseases
incorporation of new treatments for rare cancers
incorporation strategy for immunoncology franchise, incl. biomarkers
new Type 1 diabetes treatment protocols, aimed at reducing CVDs
expansion of HPV vaccines program

significantly higher probability of positive approvals esp. from public payers
significantly shorter market access timelines- years, not months
improved treatment options for patients
Public policy & Public Health
With a team combining healthcare sector experts- medical professionals, company executives, policymakers, patient advocates, journalists- and experienced government relations practitioners, we help companies and organizations to ethically & transparently engage in the policy making process, shaping policy, legislation & regulation in critical areas.
clinical trials policy and regulation
pharmacovigilance standards
biotech vs. biosimilar standards
rare disease screening and treatment pathways
personalized care
home care
Beyond legislative and regulatory campaigns, we are highly experienced at crafting and delivering programs aimed at increasing disease awareness and driving behavioral change to tackle critical public health issues. Work in this area includes:
Designing, developing and launching multi-stakeholder initiatives
Raising funds from private companies, individuals, foundations and international organizations
Establishing campaign bodies and providing secretarial support
Developing and marketing compelling, locally relevant content that wins hearts and minds
Mobilizing stakeholder, political and media support – often with the goal of catalyzing public policy change
Corporate Reputation
We help healthcare companies build and manage their profile as experts/leaders in key therapeutic areas, and leverage good policy & practice to enhance their reputation as responsible corporate citizens. We also help to anticipate and manage reputational issues around key issues such as pricing policy, taxation and governance.
For some clients our work starts at a corporate level to develop the platforms and architecture for corporate reputation initiatives. For other clients we work downstream on content development and marketing - with targeted initiatives towards different local stakeholder groups incl. medical community, payers, media and the general public.
 Recent Corporate clients include :
For further information and a discussion on how we can best meet your needs, please contact:

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CEO & Healthcare Lead
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